Dave Griffith Electrical Mackay is one of the most experienced electrical services companies in Mackay.

Operating for over 35 years, Dave Griffith Electrical Mackay has successfully delivered in excess of 1,200 projects throughout Queensland. In that time, the firm has developed a reputation for a high-end expertise within the hydrocarbons and petro-chemical industries as well as the mining industry.

Commercial Services

We offer the highest level of responsiveness and reliability. Our highly experienced electricians ensure that your premises are always well maintained.

Hazardous Area Electrical

DGEM are aware of the potential risk involved in working in explosive areas. Our qualified hazardous area electricians will ensure all work is carried out strictly to the AS3000 and AS2381.

Industrial Services

The needs of specialised industry companies are wide and varied which is why DGEM should become your electrical contractor of choice. Our highly experienced team can ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant.

We are ready to satisfy your project requirements!