Hazardous Area Electrical

DGEM are aware of the potential risk involved in working in explosive areas. Our qualified hazardous area electricians will ensure all work is carried out strictly to the AS3000 and AS2381. We will move install and integrate electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

When electrical work is carried out in areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present in the form of gases, vapours or combustible dusts it needs to be carried out in accordance with additional technical standards. This ensures that the work is fit for the purpose and safe. DGEM aim to be the hazardous area electricians that you can turn to for impeccably safe and efficient hazardous area work in Mackay.

  • Hazardous Area inspection / testing and reporting
  • Electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Static earth control systems testing for hazardous areas
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Motor and Drive Maintenance for Pumps
  • Hazardous Area lighting maintenance
  • Hazardous Area ventilation power and control systems
  • Replace failed or unsafe electrical equipment

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