Environmental Management


DGEM is aware of the important role that the environment plays in its operations and its responsibilities to integrate environmentally considerate work practices throughout all areas of our business.

Although we are a small organisation, we apply this approach to internal practices and procedures, as well as the services we provide to the client.

All assessments will be conducted on a site-to site basis in order to accurately identify and assess potential environmental and community issues.

Where practical, DGEM will aim to:

  • Comply with the requirements of all-prevailing statutes and regulations relating to environmental protection and management
  • Be efficient and conservative in the use of fuel and materials, both internally and in the course of providing services
  • Ensure that the potential environmental impacts of our activities are fully assessed before implementation
  • Communicate our environmental policy to all staff and provide suitable training and information to assist our people in fulfilment of the above matters
  • Work with our clients requirements and promote continuous improvement in environmental performance internally, and the wider community
  • Monitor our environmental performance and reviewing of this environmental policy
  • Purchase recyclable materials and recycle used items where ever possible.